Perfect Seattle forest balcony deck wraps around the house and saves the trees
January 2, 2022
Not fighting with the land, but integrated into the forested Seattle environment. We constructed this deck around the house, and around the trees with natural cedar wood deck materials.

Perfect Seattle forest balcony deck wraps around the house and saves the trees

January 2, 2022

When it comes to decking, we believe in finding a balance between the actual deck and the environment in which it is surrounded. Trees and other greenery sometimes create a challenge when building a deck, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to develop something unique.

We recently completed a deck that was integrated into a forested Seattle environment. The home had a number of large trees surrounding it. So, the challenge we had was to build a deck around the house while incorporating the trees. We needed to find a way to create a deck that was immersed in nature.

Balancing nature

Removing trees to accommodate a deck isn’t an option for us. We designed this deck around the trees, which not only preserved the greenery but also increased the square footage of the outdoor living space. We kept the forested environment which created a unique outdoor area for the owner.

Deck walkway built on the natural path

As you can see, we created a deck walkway alongside the greenery. We loved this part of the deck the most as it created a unique walkway that was immersed in the natural environment. The view from here was exceptional, overlooking the forest below.

Deck completed with furnishing

To complement the decking, we brought in furnishings for the homeowner to relax on. We wanted to create a space where the owner could both relax in and entertain guests. A table with an umbrella was perfect for creating a space to enjoy a lunch when the sun was out, while the bench with soft seating was ideal for just sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the great outdoors.

Natural cedar decking boards with matching top rails

We opted for a natural wood railing to match the outdoor environment and to soften the surface of your railing’s handle rail. We find that steel deck railing frames are too thin, cold, and not comfortable to lean on. As you can see, the railing matches the decking nicely. We placed the rail at a height that doesn’t obstruct the view from the deck, while at the same time ensuring safety.

Deck railing that can hold drinks and plates

Another great benefit of the wooden railing is that the homeowner can rest drinks and plates on it. This means that they can enjoy a coffee or a meal while taking in the view of the forest below. If they are entertaining, the deck creates a great space on which to place canapes or snacks.

Cable railing preserves the view

One thing that we wanted to focus on throughout this project was to preserve the great view of the forest below. We selected maisy rail custom cable deck railing so that the view was not obstructed. This type of railing is also designed for strength and safety.

As you can see, it’s also a stylish option that will complement the rest of the decking, while ensuring a great view of the surrounding area.

Your outdoor living space

A deck is more than just a place to walk on. It’s an extension of your home. We designed this deck for the homeowner to enjoy as an outdoor living space. Whether to relax with a coffee, to have a romantic dinner, or to entertain friends and family, it’s the ideal outdoor area.

This deck is ideal for the nature lover, where it has become a part of the natural environment in which it sits. It’s the ideal space to sit and watch the birdlife and other animals that often pass by.

Matching staircase made from the same deck materials

A staircase is often the first part of the deck that people will see. So, we wanted to design a staircase that complemented the rest of the deck. We created the staircase with the same decking material for a consistent design, using the same wooden railings and Maisy Rail custom cable deck railing. The wooden rails creates a soft feel for those walking up or down the staircase.

Our take

We were really pleased with the final outcome of this deck. Creating a design that was immersed in the wilderness was a challenge, but one which we welcomed with open arms. Walking around the deck with trees emerging from beneath was a unique experience, one which the homeowner loved. Also, the view from the decking area was spectacular.

It really is the ideal space to relax on your own or to enjoy with friends and family.

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