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Data and Statistics

for Deck Safety

*60% of all decks in the US are in need of repairs.

Statistics published by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.


Estimated Decks in America


Estimated Decks in need of repair/ replacement

Deck safety should be your ultimate deciding factor when building and maintaining your deck.

90% of deck collapses start when the joist of the deck disconnects from its mounting point on the house. Almost all deck collapses happen while the deck is occupied or under the weight of heavy snow. Railing accidents are even more common.

Falls accounted for 36,338 deaths, and 8.59 million nonfatal injuries, in 2017 in the United States.

These are problems that can be solved using the strongest materials and best installation practices known to science. Don't let you or your loved ones fall victim to this mistake. Make sure your deck is built to the highest standards and repaired as neccessary. Make sure you're safe while enjoying your outdoor living space.

"Many decks collapse before they reach their code-required design load... In fact, we're lucky that we don't load the decks to their capacity."

-Don Bender, Director, Composite Materials and Engineering Center WSU

Learn how to inspect your deck for safety, or contact a professional deck contractor and/or deck repair company who you can trust to maintain your deck in the beginning to its longevity.

3 Brothers Decking offers deck safety inspections, and can recommend fixes or modifications for your deck's condition. From there, you can make an informed choice on how to move forward.

We can do better than this

Deck Safety starts with High Standards

Pressure/ Occupancy Weight Rating for Decks in the United States

Building Code: 40 lbs/sqft
DCA6 Standards: 60 lbs/sqft
Steel Frame Substructure: 100+ lbs/sqft

Deck safety is achievable

Building a strong deck can be approached by managing three factors: Design, Materials, and Installation.

  • Design for Success: it all starts with planning your deck blueprints for durability and longevity.
  • Strong, Durable Materials: the sturdier the materials, the more your deck will hold and longer your deck will last.
  • Correct Installation: make sure the job gets done right. Whether you build it yourself or have 3 Brothers Decking provide full or partial deck contracting services. We offer complete deck contractor services, handling all this for you.
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