Make a Design Statement That Brightens Your Outlook

There are plenty of ways to take control of the aesthetics that define your outdoor living experience. Our deck and exterior lighting services give you the power to remake your surroundings in a functional, easy way.

At 3 Brothers Decking, we're proud to help people personalize their homes and businesses to set the ideal tone. Whether you want to reinvigorate a backyard deck, illuminate a railing surrounding a public meeting space, or simply make a set of stairs a bit safer, our team can help.

3 Brothers Decking Outdoor Lighting Makes a Difference

Outdoor lighting is an awesome way to enhance the beauty of your home. It adds a sophisticated, elegant look to any outdoor space - and thanks to modern technology, it's the kind of upgrade that lends itself to easy customization for a perpetually fresh look.

Directed exterior lighting fixtures can enhance the safety of your outdoor space without negatively impacting the surrounding environment with light pollution. Our installations add a special flair that makes it extremely easy to design a comfortable space while coexisting harmoniously with nature.

Exterior Lighting for Every Property Design

Outdoor lighting comes in many forms and serves many purposes. This makes it useful for a wide range of renovation goals that go beyond making aesthetic improvements alone.

We take pride in helping homeowners at every stage of their projects. Our professional services include budgeting assistance, expert-led design, and seamless installations, build-outs, and upgrades - so there's never been a better time to start the renovation of your dreams.

People install lighting to maximize their property's usability - regardless of when they prefer to enjoy it. Lighting makes late-night cookouts feel way more welcoming and helps promote safety when your partygoers get wild. It also offers essential illumination for those spontaneous dips in the backyard pool when you're trying to beat the heat on sweltering summer nights.

Exterior lighting isn't just for get-togethers. If you're the type of person who uses their deck as an outdoor workshop or crafting command center, then brightening the area can make completing hobby projects way less frustrating. A bit of planning and a good installation team are all it takes to create a supremely functional space.

The 3 Brothers Decking team has extensive expertise in installing, upgrading, and modernizing all varieties of decking and exterior lighting. No matter what you want to achieve with your property - or what you've done in the past - we provide the guidance, planning, and hands-on experience to make your project succeed.

What kind of statement will you make with your next outdoor project? Here are some of the options that can paint your surroundings in a new, fresh light:

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting comes in a few different forms that let homeowners bring classic decks into the modern era, making them highly functional and convenient. The coolest thing about this kind of upgrade is that it works wonders without requiring you to make huge changes - our streamlined installations are quick and easy.

Want to make your patio more accessible and safe? Installing lighting on the adjacent stairs is a smart way to lower risk. Tired of straining your eyes while you're relaxing at night but don't want to overwhelm the aesthetic you've worked so hard to realize? Ask us about fixtures that subtly reinforce your deck's style while highlighting the features that make the space special.

Every deck or patio is unique, so it can be tough to choose the ideal lighting installation for your favorite outdoor zone. Our experts are here to guide you through the pros and cons of each option to create a well-lit deck that suits your lifestyle.

Path, Stair, and Railing Lighting

Path, stair, and railing lighting help you see where you're walking at night. Low-level illumination also adds a bit of security, as potential intruders will think twice about approaching a well-lit home.

Installing path lighting isn't just a smart idea for your own sake. If you routinely have family members or other guests over, then ensuring they aren't tripping over themselves just makes good sense. This is especially true if you've installed deck lighting – stepping off of your deck shouldn't require a blind leap of faith into the darkness!

In some cases, you might need deck lighting to comply with local regulations. Depending on where you live, the building codes may require illumination for safety reasons, and we've got the knowledge to help you comply.

Even if your dark deck doesn't fall on the wrong side of the law, proactively brightening the space could still save you some skin. By reducing fall hazards, you'll limit your liability exposure – as if keeping your family safe wasn't already a big enough advantage!

Low-voltage Lighting

If you've already got outdoor lighting on your stairs, deck, or railings, transitioning to a low-voltage system is a great way to save money. Since many low-voltage systems incorporate technology like LEDs, you also get a lot more freedom to pick your perfect aesthetic. For instance, you can select a wide range of minimal-profile lighting installations and even program custom colors to match your mood.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting devices top themselves off automatically all day long so that they can shine brightly at night. Combined with low-voltage fixtures, mini solar lighting is a great way to go green.

One awesome aspect of adding solar lighting to your outdoor space is that this kind of upgrade is self-contained. Since you don't have to hook the wiring into your main power line, the process can be a lot smoother and less involved. No more tough planning challenges, navigating complex building code approvals, or tricky installations!

Solar deck lights are among the most popular type of deck lighting. They emit a soft glow that's not too bright, which is ideal for accentuating your deck design with the occasional flash of color.

Kick Off Your Next Exterior Lighting Project the Inspired Way

When done right, installing deck and exterior lighting is a versatile option for boosting a property's value. By casting your deck in a new hue, you can accentuate your home's strengths and utility, potentially earning yourself a higher future asking price.

Of course, not every exterior lighting project is guaranteed to be a stunning success. It takes a lot of know-how to select the best visual complement for a given deck, and installing new lighting is anything but easy. This job requires attention to detail and expertise to ensure your upgrade results in a long-lasting, cost-effective transformation.

Working with 3 Brothers Decking gives you the freedom to explore and experiment with different styles, design elements, and functional lighting features until you find the perfect fit. We've been helping Washington and Idaho homeowners improve their properties for years, and we can't wait to support your quest for a better-lit, more satisfying outdoor space.

Your exterior space might be in dire need of illumination, but you don't have to feel like you're in the dark while you're tackling your lighting project. With 3 Brothers Decking, anyone can create a cohesive exterior arrangement that makes their property more habitable, functional, and enjoyable. Talk to one of our experts soon to build your next renovation on decades of insight and amazing service.

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We'll be there for you every step of the way: we can help you budget, design, build, and decorate the outdoor space of your dreams!

With a 3 Brothers deck, your home's value, function, and style will be significantly improved.

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