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Frameless Glass Railing

Our half-inch tempered glass attaches to any deck with strong stainless steel mounts. It creates a safe, near-transparent aesthetic that lets you feel more connected to your surroundings and immersed in nature. One cool aspect of this railing is that it can be combined with LEDs for a colorful-yet-understated edge-lit effect that instantly transforms any deck into the ultimate late-night gathering spot.

Horizontal Cable Rail

Horizontal cable is an inexpensive, durable option for upgrading an existing railing - or building a fresh start. Available in multiple lengths, it features marine-grade, weather-resistant stainless steel that attaches to upright posts with threaded, crimped, or locking fittings designed for ultimate convenience. Go with horizontal cable rail if you want to get an installation knocked out faster, achieve a modern appearance, or transform a deck by revealing the surrounding scenery.

Vertical Cable Railing

Vertical cable railing makes it easy to create a functional, utilitarian look that neatly divides visual space. This kind of railing is nice because it's super simple to install - you can get away with slightly shorter cable lengths, making it simpler to tackle big jobs at a steady pace while minimizing planning overhead. Like our horizontal cable-style railing, we offer this item in a range of lengths and with various fitting styles that make setup, installation, and tensioning a snap, even with existing wooden post and rail systems.

Glass Railing With Frame

This glass railing features a clean frame for a more structured design that realizes a classic look on porches, decks, and balconies. By combining thick tempered glass with strong steel posts and rails, it adds visual weight to barriers while minimizing view obstructions. Some people prefer this style to frameless glass railing because it's a bit more traditional, but both are equally durable.

Horizontal Rod

A horizontal rod installation is a fantastic railing option that straddles the line between modern and classic styles. It features runs of open-spaced horizontal rails interrupted by stout posts engineered to hide fasteners and joints for a seamless, clean appearance that contrasts with wooden decking to provide some visual flair. This railing style is modular, so it's super easy to install. This also makes it suitable for a wide range of deck designs since you can build a large run of railing from custom sections.

Aluminum Picket

Aluminum picket railings are a truly modern option for low-maintenance decks. They're made from extruded aluminum, and they come in a variety of powder-coated colors and styles that resist wear and tear. Aluminum picket railings are strong, durable, and impervious to rusting or corroding. Aluminum picket railings are also great for creating a more vibrant, long-lasting appearance than you might get with stained wood or composite alternatives that only offer a limited range of color choices. If you plan on beautifying your railing with heavier decor, such as lots of hanging flower baskets, this may be the best option.

Composite Picket

Composite picket railing systems typically use polyurethane resin and wood fiber to achieve a classic wooden look – without needing as much maintenance. They feature a few different types of parts, including end caps, pickets, and railings, so you can build a custom project that matches any deck or patio profile relatively quickly.

Wood Picket

Wooden picket-style railings are usually made from the same wood as your deck, but you can also go wild with contrasting combinations. They commonly feature pressure-treated lumber, which is resistant to rot, weather, and termites, and you can pick from a variety of species, such as cedar or redwood, to create a truly unique rustic style. If your property already boasts a wooden picket fence, then this is the perfect complement. Wood picket railings are typically cut to a uniform height and then attached to the top and bottom rails with nails or screws. Since you can customize the spacing, it's easy to build a barrier that strikes an ideal balance between privacy and openness to fit any deck size or shape. Wooden picket railings are also very easy to install, making them popular among do-it-yourselfers with basic carpentry skills.

Wood Wall

Wood wall railings are a great addition to any deck. They're functional, beautiful, and able to add a lot of character to your home while maximizing privacy. Wood is a very popular choice for railings because it's extremely easy to work with, customize, and modify - You can tackle most jobs without needing specialist tools, and if you feel like a change of pace, re-staining your wall is a satisfying way to spend a weekend. These railings are very easy to maintain and don't rust.

3 Brothers Decking makes it easy to choose a railing system that notably enhances your property's functionality - and adds to its value. Chat with one of our experts to learn how to install an upgrade you'll be proud to call your own.

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