Are you enhancing your deck or balcony? Installing frameless glass railings is a good choice for anyone wanting to add a bit of class and beauty to their exterior area. Whether you are looking to modernize your current deck or install a new one, this sort of railing will surely create an impression.

Frameless glass railings are a fashionable, minimalistic, and stylish way to spruce up your deck or balcony. For our glass railings, the glass manufacturer supplies specially treated, tempered glass that is sufficiently robust to stand up to the test of time and weather.

Here, we will discuss the advantages of setting up frameless glass railing, the features of our frameless glass railing, the railing installation procedure, and maintenance tips. Read on to find out more about what frameless glass railing can do for your deck.

Frameless glass deck railing in Bellevue, Washington.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Railings

You are searching for a deck that can provide a place to appreciate the outdoors. It is a great spot for a cup of coffee in the morning and for a barbecue or a glass of wine in the relaxed afternoons of summer. You would like to watch the sunrise and the sunset without the obstruction of pickets or cables. You wish to be in nature and take in the unobstructed view. You don't want to focus on the railing.

That is the beauty of frameless glass railing, as it can fulfill all the roles of a railing while remaining nearly unseen. If you need privacy, frameless glass railing is the answer. It can give privacy at night and can also generate the perfect atmosphere with multi-color LED lights.

If you use some darker shades of light at night, it’s more difficult for anyone not on the balcony to see you. These subtler shades provide enough brightness for those seated nearby. But they don’t offer as much privacy as a wooden wall does. But some people think walls belong inside buildings instead of in the open air.

Your friends and family can gather around the fireplace and have a cup of hot cocoa as the temperature drops in winter. You might also decide to take a dip in the hot tub while the surroundings are lit up in a deep red hue. With our frameless glass railings, you will always be able to adjust the atmosphere as you like. We provide a controller that you can use to toggle between sixteen different colors and three modes.

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Features of Our Frameless Glass Railings

Many people ask if it's necessary to have deck railing, and the reply is clear — it's important for the safety of your family, pets, and visitors. However, the views in Bellevue, Seattle, Spokane, and Northern Idaho are so picturesque that many don't want their view to be blocked by a railing.

So you want glass railings, but you may be curious if frameless glass railings are safe. The International Code Council's Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has tested and approved these frameless glass railing systems. But it's still normal for people to be uncertain about the strength of glass. We remind people that the outer walls of many skyscrapers are only glass and steel and no one has ever fallen through them.

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) put our 2205 stainless steel mounts through rigorous tests before certifying them. These mounts show outstanding resistance to corrosion, which ensures that your railing system will last for a lengthy period.

Other materials like wood, aluminum, and steel are all more prone to breakdown over time when exposed to the elements. Glass and 2205 stainless steel provide much more longevity. You know glass last a long time since you rarely need to replace your windows. Our glass railings are much tougher than windows. You'll be happy with the strength and durability of these frameless glass rails.

We can also build LED lighting into your frameless glass railings. Call us for a free consultation with 3 Brothers Decking today!

Frameless glass deck railing closeup new blue light lakeview.

Installation Process for Frameless Glass Railings

Frameless glass railing installation is often a difficult task, so it's important to hire a professional to do the job. No matter how precise the measurements, we sometimes need to make onsite changes. 3 Brothers Decking employs a group of knowledgeable experts with the experience necessary to fit your frameless glass railings seamlessly on to your deck.

The process starts by taking accurate measurements of the deck or balcony. Once we have the measurements, we craft a unique design for the railing and acquire the materials. After the glass and mounts arrive, we get them ready for installation.

This typically includes drilling into the deck or terrace floor to place the mounts. When the mounts are secure, we put the glass panels into place. The whole process usually requires a few days, depending on the difficulty of the job.

Frameless glass deck railing closeup new blue light.

Maintenance Tips for Frameless Glass Railings

Taking care of your frameless glass railing is a piece of cake. All you need to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth to preserve its appearance. We advise you to add a bit of dish detergent to the warm water and use a squeegee. Finally, rinse the railing and buff it with a reusable microfiber fabric.

Frameless glass deck railing closeup blue light.

Are Frameless Glass Railings Best for Your Deck?

If you decide that frameless glass railings aren't the ideal option for your deck, there are various other choices that we can set up for you. Browse through our railings page to learn more about the multiple railing styles we offer, ranging from wooden walls to horizontal cables to aluminum picket railings.

Regardless of what you're looking for, we can provide you with the ideal railing solution. If you're still uncertain which railing is the best fit for you, try out our railing decision app.

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Frameless Glass Railings in Bellevue, Seattle, Spokane, and Northern Idaho

If you are looking to get the most out of your balcony or deck, consider installing frameless glass railing. It's strong, lasting, and requires very little upkeep. It is also obtainable in a variety of sizes, meaning you can have the perfect railing for your deck. And you have the option for LED lighting-enhanced glass railing that can create a fantastic atmosphere for your deck.

3 Brothers Decking can make your outdoor dreams a reality, no matter if you are looking for renovation or new construction. Reach out to us for a free consultation. In Western Washington, contact us at (425) 505-5282, and for Northern Idaho, call us at (509) 998-6522. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy their outdoor area just the way they like it, and 3 Brothers Decking can help you do that!

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