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Decks age and deteriorate over time. The longevity of your deck will depend on its materials, design, use, and the weather conditions your deck has been exposed to. It's critical to the safety of you, your family, and anyone standing on your deck that your deck be built to high design standards and with the best materials.

As of now, most jurisdictions require decks to be rated to hold a capacity of 40 pounds per square foot. The State of Washington, the DCA6, and 3 Brothers Decking wouldn't approve of a deck rated below a 60 pounds per square foot capacity.

The further away you stand from the mounting point of your deck, ie the ledger attached to your house; the weaker it becomes. Many decks in the past have been built with incompatible, insufficient, or inadequately strong hardware and materials. All these factors add up and result in many deck associated accidental deaths. 3 Brothers Decking is knowledgeable and experienced in building decks the right way, creating a safe foundation for your outdoor living space.

How to identify common deck problems
  • Wood has visible damage or deterioration
  • Entire deck moves when one area is under pressure
  • Decking boards feel loose or flimsy
  • Railing moves or feels loose
  • Support posts/ footings are damaged or eroded
  • Deck surface may have changed, is no longer level
  • Water drainage off your deck could be mis- or undirected
  • Animals or bugs may have destroyed a part of your deck
Common deck repair solutions/ improvements
  • Decking board repair or replacement
  • Framing repair or replacement
  • Posts/ Footings repair or replacement
  • Stairway repair or replacement
  • Grading/ leveling adjustments
  • Railing repair or replacement
Does your deck need to be repaired?

Some decks can last many more years with relatively minor repairs or replacements. We offer free quotes/ deck safety recommendations. Contact 3 Brothers Decking to schedule your free appointment today.

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When it comes to building a deck, you want 3 Brothers Decking. We proudly serve Western Washington, including the Greater Seattle Area, and Northern Idaho with deck installation that brings safety, strength, and style to your outdoor living space. Our design and build services bring knowledge, experience, and top-notch service to you at a competitive price.

We'll be there for you every step of the way: we can help you budget, design, build, and decorate the outdoor space of your dreams!

With a 3 Brothers deck, your home's value, function, and style will be significantly improved.

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  • Composite decking boards, railing systems, metal deck framing, exterior lighting fixtures.
  • 25 year warranties on Trex materials.
  • 10 year warranty on labor in case of repair.
  • Trex products contained 95% recycled-content.
  • Best composite decking on the market.
  • Made in America.

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