DIY Decking Packages
Do it yourself, with help from our expertise
Complete Pre-Built Decking Packages

Do you need a new deck, but would rather not pay to hire a contractor?

Contact 3 Brothers Decking for a pre-built deck package and assemble it yourself.

3 Brothers Decking can design and pre-build a custom deck for you. Often times, 3 Brothers Decking can provide a prebuilt custom deck with everything you need, for less than what you can buy the materials for from Home Depot or Lowe's.

Think IKEA, but for a high quality, totally customizable deck, with service agents who can come give you a hand if you need one.

We keep it simple, just choose:

  • Type and Color of Deck Boards
  • Type and Color of Railing
  • Height, Width, And Length

Then, 3 Brothers Decking will help to design the deck to meet code and your budget, then pre-build the deck for you, and guide you towards building your own deck, saving you thousands of dollars.

3 Brothers Decking also has on-call service agents who can come out and give you a hand if things get too complicated or if there's any part of the process you simply don't want to do.

3 Brothers Decking Can Do Any One, Or All Of The Following:

  • Dig for footings
  • Concrete with for footings
  • Set Posts
  • Set Beams
  • Set Ledger Board
  • Lay and Secure Joists
  • Laying Deck Boards
  • Install Status
  • Install Railing

Base Color
Trex Spiced Rum
Trim Color
Trex Tiki Torch
We're your Trex PRO
  • Composite decking boards, railing systems, metal deck framing, exterior lighting fixtures.
  • 25 year warranties on Trex materials.
  • 10 year warranty on labor in case of repair.
  • Trex products contained 95% recycled-content.
  • Best composite decking on the market.
  • Made in America.
We're your full service deck contractor

We design and build decks for strength, safety, and style. We're here to build you an outdoor living experience that you can enjoy and trust.

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