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For many years, our team at 3 Brothers Decking has focused on giving clients quality outdoor living space solutions suited to their individual needs and budget. Our custom decks offer a wide variety of features like multi-level decks with staircases, built-in seating, custom railing, fire pits, and pergolas that bring beauty and functionality to your outdoor area.

We take pride in the projects that we have completed for our many satisfied customers throughout Washington state and want to share some of these exciting finished works with you today!

Who is 3 Brothers Decking?

3 Brothers Decking was founded by three passionate brothers who only settle for the very best materials and the very best workmanship. Together, they formed one of Washington state's highest quality and most preferred decking companies.

Enter 3 Brothers Decking.

Our completed decks include a range of traditional wood decks as well as composite decking options that are specifically designed to last longer and decrease the amount of upkeep necessary. We are proud to produce decks that feature beautiful finishes and high-quality materials that you can enjoy for many years.

No matter what type of decking you're looking for, 3 Brothers Decking has a solution to fit any budget! Whether you need a standard wood deck or an intricate multi-level deck with a variety of finishes, we can provide an efficient and high-quality solution that will last for years to come!

Here are just a few of the many decking projects that we have completed in and around Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, and North Idaho.

Frameless glass railing in Washington

Frameless glass railings are a fashionable, minimalistic, and stylish way to spruce up your deck or balcony. For our glass railings, the glass manufacturer supplies specially treated, tempered glass that is sufficiently robust to stand up to the test of time and weather.

Our expert team of installation professionals expertly install shatter-proof glass panels designed to work in any outdoor space. We use only the finest quality materials and strictly adhere to industry standards when it comes to safety and assurance that our projects are secure.

This specific project was a large modern outdoor deck on the ground level of a home featuring a frameless glass railing. The railing was designed to blend seamlessly with the deck and provide a safe yet stylish border. Such railings are becoming increasingly popular as their various benefits become known, from offering exceptional views to providing a safe space for both kids and pets to play.

This homeowner in Washington wanted a space that exuded a stylish look and feel, and we feel the end result achieved that and more. The view over the trees and water below was exceptional, and the glass railing ensured that the vista was uninterrupted from the deck.

A staircase leads down to the garden below, making access convenient for the homeowners and their guests. On the deck itself, the owners opted for weatherproof furniture along with pot plants and a large umbrella.

Overall, a great end result for a lovely home.

Cable railing keeps the view in Bellevue

This raised deck balcony mounted in the backyard of the house elevates the homeowner's outdoor living space with a view of the city, not obstructed by the custom cable railing.

We recently concluded several deck projects in Bellevue that utilized cable railing to ensure the exclusive views were uninterrupted. Cable railings are one of the modern methods of creating a sleek look while maintaining a safe and low-maintenance barrier. The timeless design constructed by our team of experts allows owners to experience the beauty of Bellevue with minimal obstructions, giving property owners an uninterrupted view of their surroundings.

This deck extends off the first floor, with wooden pillars matching the rest of the property. In this video, you can see how the view from the deck is spectacular, with fairy lights on the top railing to add extra night time charm. We opted for a deck coloring that would match the roof and a composite that would fit well with the rest of the home.

What's great about this deck is that the extension of the roof provides shade and protection from the weather, while the rest of the deck is open to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Premium outdoor living spaces

This large deck balcony we built features a covered space with a fireplace, so you can enjoy your deck in the sun or rain.

Railing system is a custom cable railing from Maisy Rail in Bellevue, WA. Decking boards are sustainably manufactured composite decking boards from Trex.

Residents of Greater Seattle Area have come to appreciate the exceptional quality outdoor space that 3 Brothers Decking can provide. With a wide range of wood and composite materials, our team has been able to complete a variety of challenging deck projects with precision and finesse.

In this specific example, a lovely wooden home in Maple Valley, we created a light wooden deck with a cable railing system that provided both a great view and safety. A staircase leads down to the lower floor, also featuring cable railings to match the rest of the deck. We wanted to create an easy way for the homeowners to access their garden, which was in excellent condition. The beautiful staircase achieved exactly that.

The way in which the home was set meant that we were able to include covered areas on the deck as well, ideal if the homeowner wanted to enjoy the view while staying out of the sun. The deck also features a fireplace which is perfect for an outdoor barbecue, or to keep warm on a cold winter's evening.

Our team was really proud of the final product, creating a large deck with two areas which is ideal to keep both adults and children entertained.

High balcony deck with cable railing

This one is way up there, safely mounted on large posts for strength and stability. Maisy Rail custom horizontal cable railing and Trex composite decking boards for style and durability.

We recently completed a stunning high balcony deck with cable railing at another home in Bellevue.

This extravagant deck, sitting alongside tall trees, is perfect for taking in the picturesque views of the landscape below. It incorporated careful attention to detail and superior materials, resulting in a structure that is sure to bring delight to both the homeowners and their visitors while providing an element of sophistication and beauty.

The non-obtrusive cable railing offers a panoramic view while meeting all safety requirements, characterized by sleek lines and a modern look. The large posts add structural integrity to the project while complementing the rest of the home's design.

As with the earlier project in Maple Valley, the deck features custom horizontal railing from Maisy Rail and Trex composite decking boards for both style and durability.

We included a small private deck below the upper one which leads into one of the home's rooms, ideal for a romantic evening for two or just to have a private moment to soak in the view. On the upper deck, a covered area provides the perfect space to have a family barbecue while enjoying the outdoors and fresh air.

On the far side of the deck, we included a passageway running past rooms on the upper floor, offering easy access from those areas of the home as well.

Overall, an excellent end result!

Balcony deck with covered outdoor space

The underside of the deck is sealed and finished with natural wood for a safe, stylish, and dry outdoor kitchen, bar, and grill area. This deck we built with Trex composite decking boards and Maisy Rail cable railing.

Our team put in significant effort to complete a stunning balcony deck project in Redmond, Washington, featuring an outdoor living space with the top deck providing roof cover to a secluded area below.

Crafted with exquisite detail, this deck design delivers a strong aesthetic value to the exterior of the home while also creating a functional area for relaxation and enjoyment. A staircase, matching the rest of the deck, leads you down to the garden below, with a cable railing system for both safety and aesthetic.

The underside of the deck is sealed and finished with natural wood for a safe, stylish, and dry outdoor kitchen, bar, and grill area.

We also added deck lighting to the stairs which further enhances the beauty of the deck at night.

Why choose 3 Brothers Decking?

When you're in the market for an outdoor deck, you want the best team available that works with your budget.

With decades of experience developing decks of all kinds, 3 Brothers Decking has the expertise to ensure your job will come out looking exactly as you envision it. On top of that, our team is always positive and professional with every customer they help throughout each of our projects.

Quality decking in Washington

3 Brothers Decking is your go-to source for quality decking projects in Washington, from balconies to patios and more. We take pride in the craftsmanship of our decks, using the best materials available to bring you a structure that will last for years and provide countless memories spent outdoors with family and friends.

Our experienced team will work tirelessly with you to construct a deck that matches your budget and preferences while providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process.

Contact us today at (425) 505-5282 (Western Washington) or (509) 998-6522 (North Idaho) to find out how we can make your decking dreams a reality.

You can also get a free deck consultation.

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When it comes to building a deck, you want 3 Brothers Decking. We proudly serve Western Washington, including the Greater Seattle Area, and Northern Idaho with deck installation that brings safety, strength, and style to your outdoor living space. Our design and build services bring knowledge, experience, and top-notch service to you at a competitive price.

With a 3 Brothers deck, your home's value, function, and style will be significantly improved. We'll be there for you every step of the way: we can help you budget, design, build, and decorate the outdoor space of your dreams!

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