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Above and beyond the building code

We build above and beyond the building code

While others are concerned about building a deck that meets code, 3 Brothers Decking is committed to building decks that go far beyond what's required by city or county regulations.

The life expectancy of a deck framed to code is roughly 10-15 years, yet our decking material is under warranty for up to 50 years!

Now, what's the point of installing decking that lasts over 50 years if the foundation that it is built upon won't survive for a fraction of that time?

Now, what's the point of installing decking that lasts over 50 years if the foundation that it is built upon won't survive for a fraction of that time?

That is why 3 Brothers Decking is committed to increasing the longevity of your deck.

While 3 Brothers Decking is mainly known for using far more brackets than necessary and not using any nails in the construction of our decks, there are many other notable differences in the way they construct their decks.

(Nails slowly creep out over the years. This is amongst the leading causes of deck destabilization. That is why we use screws instead)

Our focus is not on the most up-to-date codes.

Differences between code and the 3 Brothers way.


Footings by the building code

Pier blocks or sono tubes for support.

3 Brothers Way

2ft x 2ft x 8in footings, below frost-line, with 12" form tubes and rebar.


Posts by the building code

In some areas it is actually acceptable to screw 2 2x4 treated boards together and use that as a post. In most other areas, the code requires a 4x4 treated post.

3 Brothers Way

6x6 pressure treated posts, preferably wrapped for both cosmetic and weather-proofing purposes.

Ledger Board

Ledger Board by the building code

Secured with nails or lag screws every 16 inches.

3 Brothers Way

Secured with lags or bolts, every 12 inches, protected with flashing for weatherproofing, along with Simpson DTT1Z-KT Deck Tension Tie Kit to keep the deck properly secured to the house.


Joists by the building code

Douglas Fir boards secured with nails to joist hangers, outside room joist, and beam. Spaced 16in to 24in apart.

3 Brothers Way

Pressure Treated boards, secured with #9 Strong-Tie SD Connector Screw - Class 55 Galvanized, or Douglas Fir boards coated in a treatment (To protect from rot) and spaced 8in to 12 in apart for added stability and sustainability.


Decking by the building code

Deck Boards secured with nails spaced no more than 24in apart.

3 Brothers Way

Deck Boards secured with hidden fasteners (Screws) 12in apart to prevent warp.


Hardware by the building code

Typically, the only hardware that is required by code are joist hangers, and only on the ledger board attached to the house.

3 Brothers Way

  • Heavy Duty Post Brackets (Opposed to setting a post on a pier block)
  • Heavy Duty Post to Beam Brackets (As opposed to just using nails)
  • Hurricane Clips Anywhere A Joist Meets A Beam (As opposed to just using nails)
  • Heavy Duty Joist Hangers on Both The Ledger Board And Outside Rim Joist (as opposed to just one side, and nails On the other)

End Result

  • More sustainable
  • Safer, now and 50 years from now
  • Cost-effective
  • Less maintenance
  • More valuable for resale. If you plan on selling your home in a few years you won't need to worry about repairs.
  • Better warranty. We build a solid deck. We guarantee it.

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We're your deck builder and exterior renovator

When it comes to building a deck, you want 3 Brothers Decking. We proudly serve Western Washington, including the Greater Seattle Area, and Northern Idaho with deck installation that brings safety, strength, and style to your outdoor living space. Our design and build services bring knowledge, experience, and top-notch service to you at a competitive price.

With a 3 Brothers deck, your home's value, function, and style will be significantly improved. We'll be there for you every step of the way: we can help you budget, design, build, and decorate the outdoor space of your dreams!

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