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Maisy Rail is here to offer you quality railing products and professional installation for your deck, porch, or patio with the best railing products and materials available. Our custom solutions are perfect for balconies, raised decks, pergolas, terraces, sun rooms, and more.

Specialized in cable railing systems

Cable railing for your deck can achieve a clean, minimalist look that preserves your view unobstructed. Cable railing is durable, requiring minimal if any maintenance, and long lasting making it a great investment for your outdoor living space.

Cable railing systems compliment most home designs

Because cable railing systems are almost invisible from a distance, they allow your home's natural beauty shine through. Your outdoor living space can be constructed to have the strength and safety of steel, whilemaintaining the appearance of a more simple minimalist railing.

Your railing's finish can also be customized to match your home's aesthetic. Top rails and posts can also be designed and constructed with own accent colors or materials to make the edges shine.

Durability means safety and longevity

We've mentioned that steel cable railing is durable, but how durable is it? The cables we use for your railing are made with stainless steel. Stainless steel alloy is a composed metal made from approximately 11% chromium and the rest is iron. The chromium resists corrosion, which means your cable railing won't rust or degrade as time goes on. The iron gives it industrial strength that makes cable railing strong and safe.

The blend of both means you'll have a strong and safe barrier on the edge of your deck, balcony, or terrace. The railing may very well last longer than your decking materials itself. That's the type of railing you want, safe and secure for years to come.

Protecting your home investment

If you ever put your home on the market, one of the most important points of inspection on your deck or balcony will be the structural integrity of your deck's railing. With strong railing, built to last for the long run, you quickly check that box as approved when you go to sell your home. The style as well is hot on the market, your beautiful and easy to maintain railing system is sure to impress potential home buyers.

Natural wood railing systems

Natural wood railing is naturally stylish, a perfect look for your lush and forested Pacific Northwest home. Wood railing can also be coupled with cable railing system systems to create a beautiful, and durable, compliment to your deck or outdoor living space.

Your deck railing's structure can be solid steel that's built to last, and your finishing touches can be natural wood. Metal posts and wooden top rails can be a powerful combo. Soft to the touch, with enough surface area to place drinks, elevated on top of the solid structure underneath.

Many options are out there if you would like a wooden top rail for your railng, natural wood or composite, with many finishes to give your railing a shine or matte finish. We can show you the railing options that others have loved or learned to avoid in their outdoor living experience.

We can help you craft your perfect railing system

We've seen what works, we've seens what's kind of meh, and we've definitely seen what doesn't work. Our team of experts at Maisy Rail is here to help you make the right choice. Contact us today for a free low-stress consultation. We look forward to earning your business!

We're your full service deck contractor

We design and build decks for strength, safety, and style. We're here to build you an outdoor living experience that you can enjoy and trust.

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